My Name is Le’Andria Wilson or since childhood i have also gone by Nani (pronounced NA-Knee). I am a small town girl born in Corpus Christi, TX but after graduating college, now reside in Houston, TX. If i had to describe myself in the simplest choice of words they would be compassionate and driven. Compassionate because despite my rocky upbringing, i have always had a big heart and believed that all it takes is encouragement and insight from one believer in you to manifest the courage needed to pursue a dream. I try to be that believer for all of my family and peers. Of course many people taking the steps at pursuing a goal would describe themselves as Driven but may not relate to every aspect of the word. I approach every opportunity with an open mind and as a chance to learn because no matter how experienced you are at a profession you are never done learning. I allow that passion to grow as a person and business woman drive me in exploring and asking questions about everything from self expression through different art forms, to management and the inside need to knows of business.

The intro to my modeling journey is not one of typical love for fashion and the industry but was more of an outlet for me to face personal insecurities. The old me was a shy, uncurvy girl with plenty of scars and self doubt. I would post personal selfies and outing pictures but didn’t always see the same person in them that everyone was calling beautiful. It was the encouragement of my peers that pushed me to stop picking myself apart and one day take a leap of faith and setup my first photoshoot. I soon learned that beauty comes in all forms and what may be an imperfection to you may be raw aesthetics so just love yourself and others will reciprocate. Modeling has helped me to embrace my size, scars, natural hair, and all characteristics that make me, me and i strive to bring that light out of all of the women who look up to me or come from a similar background of self doubt.

With three years of freelance experience so far, artistic and street fashion shoots would be what i enjoy the most, but i am also experienced at beauty, runway, and promotional modeling. Having participated in over 20 fashion shows as well as being published in 3 magazines i have every intention to go as far as God and my dreams will take me.